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flexQgrid at the BDEW annual conference of the regional group north

One thing is certain for us after the annual meeting of the BDEW Regional Group for Northern Germany and the DVGW Regional Group for Northern Germany in Hamburg, which ended today: Anyone who thinks that there has been a lot going on in the energy industry in recent years is in for a surprise. Over the course of two days, specialist presentations and discussions were held on the latest topics in the energy, gas and water industries, which are of course also shaped by current developments.

We were particularly pleased that flexQgrid was able to present the findings from our smart grid project flexQgrid and especially the large field test in the NETZlaborFreiamt to many interested parties today.

Together with residents of the Freiamt community, we are designing the grid of the future - sustainable, intelligent and connected, in order to optimally integrate locally generated electricity from PV systems, heat pumps, battery storage and new consumers such as electric cars into the grid.

Our one-year field test in the southern Black Forest is important for the energy turnaround because it puts smart grid solutions under the microscope in real operation. Obstacles on the way to large-scale use are thus identified and any need for action is revealed.

Our findings to date show: Challenges lie in the non-standardized asset interfaces, in the use of smart meter data, including for condition estimation, and in the communication technology to interconnect components.

One thing is clear: even if not everything is running perfectly yet, we are well on the way to developing rollout-capable solutions for the power grid of the future that we can then deploy beyond the borders of Freiamt.

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