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Surveys in the project as a valuable tool for determining individual impressions

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), which is involved in the field test with the Chair of Energy Economics, among others, will conduct surveys among the participants in the field test during the project. This is intended to accompany the field test not only technically, but also with regard to the experiences of the field test participants. For example, the acceptance of the technologies used in the field test or the perception of quota interventions will be examined. The surveys are mostly conducted online and are anonymous, so that no conclusions can be drawn about individual persons. As a rule, a survey lasts less than ten minutes and contains mainly "closed" questions. This means that the answer to a question does not have to be freely formulated, but rather pre-formulated answer options are presented that have to be selected. This not only saves time, but also allows for good comparability of answers across different participants* and time points. Nevertheless, there will be space for more detailed opinions at the end of each survey so that no individual impressions are lost. The insights gained should help to design quota models that are as user-friendly as possible in the future.

Here you can go to our first survey on the acceptance of the quota model - flexQgrid.

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