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The University of Stuttgart, with its focus on engineering and natural sciences and their integration into business and society, is one of the most successful German research universities and, with more than 26,000 students, belongs to the group of leading technical universities in Germany (TU9).

The Institute of Power Transmission and High Voltage Technology (IEH) at the University of Stuttgart leads the work package 2 of flexQgrid. Here, methods first developed at the IEH for the stationary aggregation of active and reactive power flexibility of individual units in a network, considering local network restrictions, are further developed. Thus, the resulting overall flexibility of a grid can be determined. This can be offered to a superposed network in order to eliminate bottlenecks there. The aggregation method is then extended for use in a continuous online mode for and to consider time series. This requires the connection of external systems for data acquisition and a runtime optimization of the algorithms used in order to implement continuous operation in the field test environment. Finally, a coupling with a network state estimator is being developed to enable a time-series based, predictive determination of flexibility potentials.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Krzysztof Rudion

Institut für Energieübertragung und Hochspannungstechnik, Pfaffenwaldring 47
70569 Stuttgart

Phone: +49 711 685 678 70
E-mail: rudion@ieh.uni-stuttgart.de

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