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Netze BW GmbH

As the largest grid operator for electricity, gas and water in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Netze BW GmbH stands for secure, reliable, efficient and cost-effective supply as well as customer-oriented grid service. We operate, maintain, and continuously expand an approximately 100,000 kilometer long high-, medium-, and low-voltage electricity grid. The grid integration of renewable energies plays an important role in the expansion of the distribution grid. Therefore, we are testing numerous innovative utilities and concepts for the grid operation of the future in our „NETZlabore“.

In the flexQgrid project, we are investigating how to integrate the coordination and control of flexible systems and consumers into grid operation and how we can solve the challenges associated with this. Among other things, we are dealing with the regulatory framework, the development of the required measurement infrastructure and the integration of the concepts into the grid operation. As consortium coordinator, we always keep an overview and thus ensure a coherent overall solution. By testing this overall solution in one of our NETZlabore, we ensure their feasibility and suitability for real grid operation.


Carmen Exner

Schelmenwasenstr. 15
70567 Stuttgart

Phone: +49 151 15988 423
E-mail: c.exner@netze-bw.de

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