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Get to know us at the "Tagung Zukünftige Stromnetze"

Under the auspices of the BMWi, the online conference "Zukünftige Stromnetzeis taking place. The conference is an impulse generator and meeting point for all key players in the energy industry with the core topic of power grids. Ideas as well as concrete solution proposals for current and future challenges in the interaction of politics, research and industry are highlighted and discussed - and the project manager of flexQgrid, Carmen Exner, explains today in detail to a broad audience what our vision for this looks like.

With flexQgrid to the power grid of the future

Energy feed-in is becoming increasingly decentralized and new consumers such as electromobility and heat storage systems are being added: To meet these challenges, the power grid must be made fit for the future. Our response to this is to identify congestions in low and medium voltage in advance, avoid them, or automatically eliminate them if necessary. And this is precisely the aim of our flexQgrid research project. This is where the so-called grid traffic light system comes into play. The principle behind it: Each situation in the grid is identified by one of the three traffic light colors - and each traffic light color entails a certain behavior.

Integration of grid operation

In order to optimally integrate grid operation into these processes, the flexQgrid project will also work with colleagues from grid operation to develop and test a user and visualization conceptThis clearly displays the new information and also offers an interaction option with the automated grid controllers. In this way, the grid Operators are supported in the increasingly complex system and can thus continue to ensure a high level of supply security in the future power grid.

We are eager to hear your questions today in the "Operations Management" session!

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