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Steering committee visits field test in Freiamt

On August 16, 2022, the steering committee of the flexQgrid project had the opportunity to see the field test for themselves on site and be inspired by the installations and field test participants.

The steering committee (LA) is a body in which each project partner of the project is represented by one person with decision-making and personnel responsibility. At regular intervals, the project team reports on the status of the project, discusses any problems and risks that arise, and jointly seeks solutions.

To ensure that this is not always done theoretically on slides, we came up with something special for the eighth LA meeting. For the first time in a long time, the morning session was not held digitally, but in person at the Netze BW site in Rheinhausen. After a joint lunch, we went up to Freiamt. There we had the opportunity to look at the installations in the house with the controllable systems such as PV system, wallbox and battery storage as well as the meter cabinet with smart meter, control box and project technology (GEMS or the communication technology) at two field test participants. Based on the many questions, the interest and enthusiasm of the LA members was evident. It was also possible to show the neighborhood storage facility, the energy turnaround walk with information posters on site and the ongoing power quality measurement on grid resources. An exciting day from which every LA member will take back many impressions.


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