Field Test in Freiamt

Testing the systems together with the grid customers

In Freiamt, in the south of Baden-Wuerttemberg, generated electricity from renewable energy sources is three times higher than the consumed electricity. This community thus offers the perfect conditions for exploring the electricity grid of the future, which is increasingly characterised by sustainability. In the predecessor project grid-control, the concepts were already tested in Freiamt in a large-scale field test with the help of about 30 citizens. In flexQgrid we continue to rely on the good cooperation with Freiamt.

The aim of the tests is to prove the practical implementation and evaluate the concepts and system solutions developed in the project. Some further development potentials are also to be implemented directly during the field test period.

Baden-Württemberg Karte mit Freiamt als Feldtest-Stätte

You find the field test as exciting as we do?

You have questions about the field test? You are from Freiamt and would like to know how you can participate? Then write to us!

Project Team flexQgrid