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Field Test in Freiamt

Testing our solution together with grid customers

One of the highlights of flexQgrid is the one-year field test under real conditions. The field test enables an evaluation of the solutions developed in the project for all traffic light phases (more info about the traffic light phases under this link) - and not just simulatively or in the laboratory, but in real grid operation with citizens on site. On the one hand, this provides us with valuable insights into the challenges of practical implementation and, on the other hand, offers us the opportunity to prove that our solutions are already technically feasible today.

Why Freiamt?

Freiamt offers the perfect conditions for testing tomorrow's electricity grid today. The municipality in southern Baden is one of the sunniest areas in Germany. Three times as much renewable energy is produced here as the citizens consume. Our intelligent solutions for the electricity grid of the future, which is characterised by more and more decentralised generation and consumption systems in households, can thus be ideally tested. In addition, we can build on the previous knowledge and infrastructure of the predecessor project grid-control. That is why we are relying on Freiamt and the positive local energy mood in flexQgrid. We are very happy about the good cooperation with the municipality and the citizens.

In the flexQgrid project, different types of units (more storage systems and consumers such as heat pumps and electric vehicles) are to be connected in addition to the photovoltaic systems. In addition, more flexible capacity is integrated.

Facts and figures from the field test

Following the successful conclusion of the contracts, the dimensions of our flexQgrid project are now clear. We are proud of:


To welcome 40 participants

control 704 kW of flexible power within smart homes

of which 320 kW installed photovoltaic system capacity (PV)

of which 269 kW consumption (e.g. heat pumps and electric vehicles)

of which115 kW battery storage capacity

control another 1048 kW of PV system power and 120 kWh of storage capacity

integrating 22 electric vehicles

Thanks to the high number of field test participants, an extensive connection of decentralised units and new consumers, we at flexQgrid get a realistic picture of the electricity grid of the future. These controllable units with different connected loads are intelligently coordinated and automatically controlled in the field test so that grid congestions can be avoided before they even occur (more information here).

Field test areas

The field test in Freiamt is divided into two field test areas, smart households and decentralised grid controllers. These areas differ in their technical equipment and thus also in their use cases in the project.

The schematic map of Freiamt shows how the flexible PV systems integrated in the field test are distributed along the medium-voltage feeder. The three magnifying glasses also provide a small insight into the design of the focus local grids.

In three low-voltage grids, the so-called focus local grids, with different generation and consumption structures, the entire grid traffic light system is being tested with smart households.

For this to be technically possible, the participating households need a building energy management system (BEMS) developed in the project and an intelligent metering system (smart meter) at the grid connection point with a control box. In the practical implementation of the field test, the BEMS receives the allocated quota from the distribution grid operator in the yellow traffic light phase, which the BEMS integrates into the optimisation of the household and the system control. In the red light phase, the BEMS receives the control command from the decentralised grid controller via the control box. The distribution grid operator thus does not have direct access to individual installations of a household in any traffic light phase, but only considers the house connection point.

In order to be able to test the cascaded control concept of the grid controllers even better in the red light phase, additional controllable photovoltaic systems in other low-voltage grids, but on the same medium-voltage feeder, are added to the smart households. They are equipped with a control box and a smart meter gateway and can thus react to the congestion signals from decentralised grid controllers. In this way, they can be directly controlled in the event of a congestion and thus participate in the red light phase.

Voices of our field test participants in Freiamt

You find the field test as exciting as we do?

Are you from Freiamt or would you like to know more about the field test and other news? Then simply write to us (flexQgrid@netze-bw.de). We will be happy to inform you regularly about the latest news from the field test!

Your flexQgrid project team