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First measurement campaign in Freiamt completed

At three local secondary substations in the field test area, so-called power Quality measurement boxes were installed These measuring devices make it possible to precisely capture and record the current grid status over a longer period of time. The evaluation of the voltage and current measured values with high temporal resolution and synchronization not only makes it possible to monitor the network and assess the voltage quality. The data obtained can also help to simulate the power grid in detail. In this way, statements can be made about what needs to be taken into account in certain situations in the grid of the future.

The area of the NETZlabor is already characterized by a high share of decentrally generated renewable energy, predominantly photovoltaics. The further addition and expansion of controllable units, for example battery storage or electric cars, will add new flexibility potential. This means that the Units can be controlled in a targeted manner to support future energy grids. This allows additional freedom in terms of supply quality and secure grid operation so that no grid congestions occur in the future.

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and its partners are working on what grid operation should look like in the future within the framework of the project flexQgrid. KIT uses the real measurement data to create a simulation environment that is as accurate as possible. This simulation of the Freiamt energy grid can then be used to reproduce possible fault cases and test new types of equipment and control methods before they are applied in the real grid.

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