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Energy transition walk - Our attachment to Freiamt

Off to the "energy transition walk" and the painted secondary substation: the flexQgrid research project at the NETZlabor Freiamt strengthens ties to the region

There were two major highlights to celebrate in our municipality of Freiamt on Friday, 18 June: The Mayor of Freiamt, Hannelore Reinbold-Mench, together with the Netze BW project coordinator from NETZlabor Freiamt, Carmen Exner, officially inaugurated the approximately one-kilometre-long "energy transition walk". Andreas Götz (Regional Manager Distribution Network) and the municipal advisor Sebastian Scheer from Netze BW and regional press representatives were also enthusiastic on site (e.g. link).

And this is what is behind the "walk": From now on, all interested residents and visitors can find out about the challenges of the energy transition and about the NETZlabor at three prominent locations in the middle of the community.

The starting point of the informative walk was the secondary substation in Freiamt, which has been painted piece by piece in recent days by regional artist Markus Schwendemann from Offenburg and shows the grid of the future. The once dreary station building next to the "Milchhäusle" has already attracted attention.

"The bond that has existed for years between Netze BW and the municipality of Freiamt is now also visually visible to everyone with the information boards and the painted secondary substation," said the mayor. "We from Freiamt are proud to be pioneers of the energy transition and to support Netze BW in the development of an intelligent and sustainable electricity grid."

Shaping the grid of the future together with Freiamt

Background: In the NETZlabor Freiamt, Netze BW is testing how locally generated electricity from renewable energies can be optimally integrated into the electricity grid through the use of battery storage, e-cars and heating power systems. The goal here is to avoid transport difficulties (congestions) in electricity transmission before they even occur. The one-year field test will start in August 2021.

"I am very pleased that we can continue to build on the very good and close cooperation with the local residents and that we are always so warmly welcomed in Freiamt," explains Carmen Exner. "Together we are shaping the grid of the future."


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