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Invitation: Web seminar about our NETZlabor Freiamt (flexQgrid) in the context of the Energiewendetage BW

More and more electricity today comes from renewable energy sources and is often generated decentrally. But what are the implications of feeding large amounts of electricity into the lower voltage levels of the distribution grid - the grid that brings electricity to your home? And what might a distribution grid of the future look like when power generation depends on the weather, but Electric cars and other consumers often require high power at the same time? The flexQgrid project is developing innovative and intelligent solutions for this. See for yourself and take part in our web seminar!
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How the research project flexQgrid integrates grid operation

The grid of the future is becoming real: In the flexQgrid research project, we are integrating technical innovations into real grid operation in order to master the challenges of the energy turnaround. These are caused in particular by the increase in renewable energies, which in contrast to conventional power plants feed electricity into the distribution grid in a decentralized manner, and from new consumers such as electromobility. In order to implement our solutions for these challenges in real grid operation, we take into account real conditions, real players, but also real demands on grid operation - reliability and security of supply.
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